Inspire & Engage

Inspire & Engage

AOD create & deliver magical experiences that quite simply ‘WOW’ our clients and turn their customer's heads.

We take a strategic path to drive innovation.

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Magic Floating Display

The first step of advertising communication is whether it can be attracted, while the magnetic levitation display show well to this point. It can be said to be a very innovative, effective advertising carrier. The companies which the earliest attempt to use this display media will be attracted attention of the public, in the marketing line to take the lead, outshine the rest.

Magic Transparent Display

See-through LCD panels can be integrated into store windows, display cases, billboards, and more to make static words and images more kinetic. Products can be placed behind a clear screen that shows advertising. Transparent LCD panels are a tool to make your advertising more dynamic and have endless possibilities as an advertising tool, which can be applied to show windows and used in showcase events.


Magic Mirror

Magic Advertising Mirror is a new and innovative advertising concept and medium. Magic Display Mirror is a high quality, backlit light box with a mirrored front panel. Wall mounted or freestanding, the unit has a built-in motion sensor that can detect anyone approaching.

Magic Glass Adhesive Film

Smart Film is private frosted opaque when powered off and transparent clear when powered on. Smart Film is easily installed on any new or existing glass surface, offering durable privacy on demand, extreme clarity and maximum performance with the click of a button. 100% compatible with home automation systems block 98% UV, and solar heat.


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Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the retail sector is there to help you get more profit from your existing floor and window space.


Corporate gifts carry the potential to foster harmony among business associates. An organization that has a number of business associates has to keep them gratified.


In all aspects of the leisure business our priority is to give your customers a more memorable and entertaining visit and in turn increase return trips, improve duration & average spend.


We can help you stand out from the masses at a busy exhibition. Especially where many people are walking by, it is important to create stand out and grab attention.